Our first-ever limited edition formula drop has landed: welcome to the world, ripple HAPPY!

These all-new passion fruit puffs are expertly designed to help boost your mood and transport your senses to sunnier places. This tropical blend features a calming combo of schisandra and lime flower, finished off with a playful passion fruit aroma to leave you feeling lighter + brighter! 

Packed with feel-good ingredients that lift your spirits from the first puff, here’s why HAPPY needs to make its way into your life before it’s gone for good: 


What does it really feel like to puff on good vibes? Passion fruit has been used as an anti-stress remedy for ages, with plenty of industry experts praising it for its mood-boosting properties. 

With its warm, sweet + fuzzy scent, the tropical treat doubles up as a stellar aromatherapy staple, known for its abilities to lighten the mood and reduce stress. Its effectiveness for calming nerves, mixed with the sweet taste works a treat to help you chill even when your thoughts are hitting you at the speed of light. 

From cosmetics to candles, passion fruit is bursting with heaps of benefits, covering all departments: from overall health, to skin, hair and - of course - your all over state of wellbeing.


Holding a special place in the history of herbs, schisandra has been used for centuries as an ‘adaptogen agent’, after the discovery of its abilities to fight fatigue and diminish the negative effects of stress. Historically, Schisandra has been known to ‘calm the heart & quieten the spirit’, being an incredible natural stress reliever, as well as cognitive booster. Not only does this heavenly herbal extract help you unwind, but it also makes you sharper and more with it. 

On top of its positive effects on your mental health, schisandra has got some incredible fatigue-fighting properties, which can promote increased mental alertness, feelings of well being and even increased sex drive. 


Praised by many herbalists for its relaxing properties, lime flower is known to provide relief from anxiety and tension. Similarly to schisandra, the herb has regenerative + restorative properties. According to Peter Conway, the author of Tree Medicine, ‘if you are stressed, tense or overworked, you need lime flowers’. The extract is also known to help put you to sleep by calming your mind and alleviating all negative thoughts to leave your brain when you need a snooze session. 

The smell and taste of lime flowers also adds to the overall aromatic experience. The scent itself is known to help with slowing down a busy brain, with the herb being used in many calming teas and wellness supplements. 


If you’re looking to find summer love in puffable form, HAPPY is your puffable fling. This unique formula is limited edition, so there is limited stock available. Call it a collector’s ripple :) 

This puffable bubbly burst of passion fruit was an absolute passion project (no pun intended), so we really wanted to create a formula that will win your heart over from the first taste. Spoiler: we think we nailed it! 

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