Introducing white peach puffs

Meet CALM, a sweet and sultry white peach aroma that is sure to help you kick back and relax.

This botanical blend was expertly crafted to elevate your mood to a state of zen. A juicy white peach aroma blends harmoniously with plant extracts of soothing passionflower and sage which is certain to transport you to a place of peace, puff by puff!

Every MAX and POD pack comes with irresistible limited-edition stickers that are soothing to the touch. To complement your newfound tranquillity, CALM has inspired our first-ever jigsaw puzzle to further add the piece at home. 

Loaded with mood-enhancing extracts that can uplift your spirits from the very first puff, discover why you should invite CALM into your life before it disappears for the season.

Peach Swan Calm

Playful Peachy

Indulge in the delightful aroma of white peach, elevating your senses to new heights. This comforting aroma has its roots in China, where it has symbolized longevity, health, and immortality for over 2,000 years. In the realm of traditional medicine, white peaches were valued for their therapeutic properties, often used for ailments such as sore throats and coughs. 

This delicate and sweet aroma captures the essence of sunshine, offering a delightful escape from the everyday. Each puff transports you to a sun-kissed orchard where peaches are at peak perfection. Savour the harmonious balance of fruity sweetness that can leave you feeling refreshed and craving more.

squirrel peaches pink

 Peaceful Passionflower

With a name like passionflower, it’s no wonder this kind and calming flora can alleviate the stresses of day-to-day life.  The origin of the passionflower is traced to Nothern and South America where it was used heavily by indigenous populations as a folk remedy. This gentle flora has been cherished for generations for its naturally calming effects. The passion flower's rich history dates back to the 16th century and beyond, where its remarkable qualities have been embraced and studied for generations. It is believed among researchers that passion flower has the ability to naturally relieve anxiety and ensure restful nights.

The calming essence of passionflower can sometimes be effective in reducing some symptoms of anxiety, including restlessness and nervousness. Research, such as the study conducted at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, has shown promising results regarding passionflower's anxiety-reducing properties. In this particular study, patients who received passionflower before surgery reported experiencing less anxiety compared to those who were given a placebo. 

Relaxing the mind and body before rest is crucial to a peaceful night's sleep. Passionflower is known in the medical world for its ability to soothe nerves which can promote a soothing slumber. Though scientists are still researching why passionflower is sometimes linked to restful nights, there is some evidence of sleep quality showing a significantly better rating for passionflower compared with placebo. Enough tossing and turning, add passionflower into your nightly routine to gently wind down before bed.

Soothing Sage

Across various cultures, sage has held the status of a sacred herb. This reverence is seen consistently in Native cultures, where the act of burning sage serves as a bridge for communicating with the spiritual realm and forging a connection with the Earth's spirit. When sage is burned with intention, it is a heartfelt request for the sage's cleansing and protective energy to infuse a space, body, or energy. 

The cleansing effect of sage isn't limited to physical spaces; it's also cherished for clearing mental clutter, enhancing focus, and fostering mental clarity. It contains a wealth of compounds known for their antioxidant properties, which have demonstrated the ability to buffer your brain's defence system. 

As a member of the mint family, sage has a peppery taste with hints of mint, eucalyptus, and lemon. This versatile herb has various applications some being culinary dishes, aromatherapy oils, and herbal remedies. Its aromatic flavour and smell make it a soothing addition to any aroma profile.  

Laying Field Smoke ripple⁺

Keep on and Carry Calm 

Don’t let the summer vibes slip away, experience the sweet sensation of white peach in our limited-edition CALM ripple, available in singles and PODS. This sweet escape won't hang around for too long, so add it to your ripple collection while you can.

Allow your senses to peak with these peaceful puffs, and taste how beautifully they balance sweetness and serenity, which is sure to leave you on cloud nine. 

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