Nicotine dependence is a very dangerous addiction, but with strong determination and focus on curated products, young people can transition into a nicotine-free life. This addiction is one of the most common problems faced by our youth. 

With the help of proper guidance and nicotine-free products, it is possible to cut out the addiction. Nearly 30%-50% of people try to quit smoking as an attempt to quit, but approximately 7.5% of them successfully quit nicotine. Hence, to keep up with zero nicotine, you can use aromatherapy diffusers that have been an effective solution to reduce nicotine levels. 

Aromatherapy has been termed as one of the most sought-after practices, which is a beneficial alternative in comparison to traditional nicotine replacement therapy. Scroll down below to have a look at how aromatherapy can be your savior to decrease nicotine consumption. 



How this long-term nicotine consumer escaped addiction


“I’ve been a nicotine user for about 20 years. I never thought in a million years I’d be able to quit without going insane. I had ordered the full Mighty Max Pack and can honestly say that was all I needed to get through my nicotine cravings and intense anxiety that first week. Now I have a full pod lineup on the way, and I can’t wait to enjoy my nic-free clouds more leisurely than while I am tied to them. The droplets are also a fun way to enjoy Ripple’s beautiful aromas! My husband and I enjoy those while partaking in other cloud endeavors.” - By Amanda Martinez 


Mango-flavored aroma diffuser is the favorite, says a smoker to increase her lifespan 

“This is by far the best thing out there. I have been smoking for about 30 years, and due to health and upcoming spinal fusion surgery, I have to quit. I've tried other stuff, but luckily, I found Ripple while searching for help on Google. I bought one and thought it couldn't hurt to try. I am in love. The Mango is my favorite so far, but I do have Strawberry and Watermelon being delivered today to try. If you are trying to quit. Run, don't walk, and get a Ripple+. THE BEST THING OUT THERE. Very well packaged, awesome customer service and fast shipping.” - By Teresa


Strawberry-flavored road to quitting nicotine

“Well. Ripple.. you've done it again! The new strawberry PLAY is amazing. It's so crazy that every new ripple is my new favorite. They keep getting better and better! And I can't forget to mention Isaac! Who has been there since day 1 of my ripple experience? Thank you buddy, so much for all your help and commitment to your customers and for treating us like your true friends! Love ya! Case & Syd” - By Case Rogers

Kick nicotine to the curb with our ripple⁺ fam


As seen above - aroma diffusers have been very effective for individuals who are trying to quit smoking due to several reasons. If you are looking for organic substances that have zero nicotine properties, then you can visit our online store to try our various flavors such as mango, passionfruit, peppermint, etc. and get started on your nicotine-free journey.