In need of a tropical fix? We’re in the same boat, which is why we created a formula that provides you with some puffable escapism. 

Meet Ripple FOCUS! A blend of functional ingredients, topped off with an invigorating aroma, our newest addition to the family is quickly becoming a fan favourite. Packed with good-for-you (and your wellbeing) ingredients, the formula is blended with a brain-boosting combination of bacopa + guarana, topped off with a delicious mango aroma. Think of it as your feel-good companion for that holiday you never booked, but know you deserve! 


What do those mango puffs really taste like? Think perfectly in season, freshly-cut, extra juicy mangos that have you wondering whether you’ve escaped the glominess of short winter days and ended up in a place where the sun never stops shining. FOCUS pairs well with blue waves, breezy beaches and a tan, but also works wonders at turning grey skylines into tropical sunsets if you let your mind wander! 

But the taste isn’t the only thing that had us mad for mangos; its aromatherapeutic benefits are pretty impressive too! Used for centuries for its ability to help clear the mind and make stress melt away, this feel-good aroma has been hailed since ancient Indian culture. 

The aromatherapeutic benefits of mango go beyond its divine scent and flavour. Having been utilised for medical purposes during the Vedic period (1750 BCE), mangos were renowned for their ability to enhance brain activity and strengthen the heart. Packed with valuable antioxidants and biofavonoids, mango oil is a blend of components that work a treat at boosting your immune system (and your mood!) too! 

*Lil’ fun fact: more mangos are eaten around the world than ANY other fruit! 


A staple in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, this stellar brain-boosting ingredient has been long used for its ability to improve cognitive function and ease anxiety. A powerful source of antioxidants, bacopa is said to reduce inflammation by stimulating an immune response

Studies have shown that bacopa extract significantly improves the speed of processing visual information learning rate and memory. Could FOCUS become your favourite desk-side buddy?




From the beverage industry to wellness supplements, you can spot Guarana on many ingredient line-ups. Guarana is renowned for reducing fatigue and helping improve focus (you know where the inspiration came from now!). Guarana seeds are said to contain six times more caffeine than coffee beans, with studies having shown that people who use it regularly feel less tired overall. Research has also revealed that guarana might improve your ability to learn and remember, comparing it to ginseng for its power to amplify those brain waves. (PS: If ginseng’s your thing, we’ve got you covered in that department too!) Guarana is also said to help ease anxiety and improve your all over mood. 

FOCUS - a formula that keeps you grounded whilst transporting your senses

With all the trouble from 2020 being carried into the beginning of 2021, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself craving a lil’ escapism. Whether you’re dreaming of tropical beaches, or are just looking for something to give you a lil’ lift off during a gloomy day, this puff is the perfect treat! 

The mix of get-it-together functional ingredients and tropical tastes has your head in the clouds, but keeps your mind on the ground! 

When you’re ready to find your FOCUS, we’re here for you