There’s nothing more therapeutic than plugging into a podcast. Here at ripple, we’re big fans of puffing away with our headphones in. From your daily dose of business advice, to good-for-your-mental-health and wellness, we’ve rounded up our team’s favourites. 

1. Friend of a friend 

Hosted by entrepreneur Olivia Perez, this podcast takes you inside the minds of today’s up & comers and game changers, with each episode sharing the raw, real stories behind their success. With guests ranging from brand builders to entrepreneurs and activists, Olivia helps you dive into the world of innovators, with each episode being filled with valuable advice and experiences. 


Friend of a friend with Olivia Perez podcast

2. How I built this 

A collection of narratives from innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists, each episode dives deeply into the stories surrounding the world’s most known businesses and the movements they’ve built. Guy Raz takes you inside the minds of inspiring entrepreneurs and brings you the real narratives behind their success.



How I built this podcast


3. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard 

In a series exploring ‘the messiness of being human’, Dax Shepard is joined by guests willing to discuss their vulnerabilities, struggles and shortcomings, highlighting the troubles and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth. 



Armchair expert with Dax Shepperd


4. How to Fail with Elizabeth Day 

An insightful celebration of ‘things that haven’t gone right’, Elizabeth Day asks her guests to speak about their biggest failures. The collection of interviews celebrates the concept, highlighting the fact that failure doesn’t define us, but it’s what we learn from it that shapes us.


How to fail with Elizabeth Day podcast

5. The Ramsey show 

Offering straight up money talk from Ramsey and his team of co-hosts, The Ramsey Show features callers from all walks of life learning how to take control of their finances. With millions of listeners tuning in, this is one of Apple’s most popular podcasts. 



The Ramsey Show podcast


 6. The Joe Rogan Experience 

One of the most popular and long-running podcasts around, this uber-known series of inquisitive interviews features insightful conversations with fighters, comedians, ‘free-thinkers’. The uber-popular catalogue now has over 1,500 episodes and has gathered super-fans from all over the world. 


The Joe Rogan Experience podcast