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Power and Boost are two ripple aromas that people turn to for their invigorating properties. Both of them work brilliantly for that little pick-me-up, acting like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day to break up the gloominess and awaken your senses.

But what exactly are the differences between these uplifting formulas? We’re about to break it down for you, looking at everything from their aroma-therapeutic properties to their hero ingredients…



Let’s kick it off with POWER – the fan favourite when it comes to replacing the sensation of smoking. The revitalizing flavour instantly awakens the senses and energises the body. A mix of ginseng root extracts and ginko biloba is used to give that natural energy lift. The cooling peppermint aroma adds a crisp finish to each puff, topping the overall experience with an ultra-refreshing touch.

Use POWER if…

If you feel like your body needs a head-to-toe reboot. If you want that instant hit of freshness. If your energy levels are at an all-time-low. If you need a bit of pepping up before (or during) a long day. If you simply like peppermint. If you’re trying to quit smoking and want the closest sensation to it, minus the nicotine. If you want to feel revitalised. If you want to feel one puff stronger.



Hailed for its lychee-liscious taste, ripple⁺ BOOST is the ultimate fruity pick for those who like a punchy flavour. Green tea and Maca have been used for centuries in Chinese and Peruvian cultures. Green tea is often used for its ability to aid digestion and improve mental health. Similarly, some of the highlighted benefits of Maca include its ability to help with energy and mental acuity. The uplifting scent of Boost can surely help you focus while maintaining tranquillity, no matter where your day might take you!

Use BOOST if…

If you feel like your brain needs a quick reset. If you’re into fruity flavours. If you’re looking for a concentration booster. If you could do with a bit more energy, but don’t want to have your fifth coffee of the day (guilty). If you’re looking for something to puff during a cocktail night. If you want to amplify those brainwaves when your mind is feeling tired. If your energy is so drained that you can barely crack a smile. If you want your brain to be blazing with extra motivation.