Since the first ever ripple was made, we have made it our mission to actively assess our impact on the environment. We stand by the saying ‘small ripples make big waves’ and we believe that, as a family, we can work together in instigating positive change. Good puffs aren’t good enough until they are kind to the planet too! 

Here’s our promise to you: 


We are fully committed to constantly learning about how we can minimise our impact on the planet. Whilst we have created our ripples to be fully recyclable, we know there are many ways to improve and are constantly learning, listening and looking for the most sustainable practices to adopt in the Ripple world.



This is our approach to developing products whilst constantly striving to inspire positive change. We truly believe small ripples make big waves, and this translates into the way we approach sustainability.


Be honest, ALWAYS.

Educate ourselves on the impact our operations have on the environment and learn how we can bring this to a minimum. It’s our promise to you that we’ll remain fully transparent throughout our journey and acknowledge there is always room to do better.


Take OWNERSHIP of our numbers

Actively quantify the impact all things ripple have on the environment and aim to improve on everything we create, from devices to product packaging. 


EMBRACE the journey

Our roadmap to sustainability is constantly evolving. You are always invited to be part of the conversation. If you want to share ways we can make ripple more sustainable, our DMs and inboxes are always open!



We want us to make an impact together, which is why we are asking you to help us recycle all used ripples! Every order comes with an envelope allowing you to send your devices back to us once you’ve finished them!

Simply head to the ‘Recycling Scheme’ tab on our website  to print a free return label.

To thank you for helping us protect the planet, we’ll offer you 10% off your next order!




We record every single product we make! This allows us to hold ourselves accountable for every ripple produced, as well as our overall impact on the planet. This is how we build a foundation to improve and pave our way to perfection, making the ripple universe more sustainable with every move!