When joining forces to fight Big Tobacco back in 2019, we knew we were standing against something greater. Beyond billions of dollars, decades of deceptive advertising and really good PR, the tobacco industry had an asset up its sleeve that made it un-destroyable; it used addiction as its armour. 

In our venture to remove the stigma that exists around addiction whilst showing our support to those who are fighting back, we have partnered up with an incredible organization -  which we would love you to learn more about. 

Phoenix Futures is an outstanding charity working to help those on their road to recovery from addiction. With over 50 years of expertise fostering the community they nurture and support today, the organization has a notable history of taking an innovative approach to support people who are battling alcohol and drug addiction. 

The amazing Phoenix Futures team describe themselves as ‘relentless optimists’, highlighting their unstoppable energy to overcome dependency and challenge the stigma around addiction. With the charity providing an innovative approach to recovery, the mission behind Phoenix Futures is strongly tied to our initiative and cause we’re standing behind here at ripple. 

Recovery through Nature

We always believed in the power of nature as a gateway to healthier habits; this is why our puffs are powered by the extracts of blissful botanicals! When we discovered the innovative ways Phoenix Futures were embracing to help people on their journey, we really wanted to jump on board. This is how the idea behind ripple merch came to life.

All of the profits from our newly-launched merch store are going to the Phoenix Futures Recovery Through Nature program - an innovative initiative that empowers recovering patients to grow their own produce. With outstanding feedback from the participants and studies to back up its abilities to prevent relapse, the therapeutic program is proven to aid recovery whilst providing a safe and enjoyable learning environment. According to the Phoenix Futures team, Recovery through Nature has the ability to enhance the participants’ belief in their ability by boosting their self-confidence and supporting their mental wellbeing. 

We always believed in the power of plants, but this project definitely helped us realize the strength that lies within our connection with nature. We are committed to learning more about how we can support this commendable initiative, but, just as we like to say - all big waves start with a ripple.