sampler set of aromas

An intro to peak your imagination. 6 incense droplets at the tip of your fingers— Forest Air, Sea Breeze, Firewood, Bonbon, Wildflower & Honeysuckle. Experience the essence of each scent designed to spark up your senses. Take a quick dive & discover your favorites.

Whats inside?
Proprietary blend of handpicked botanicals, carefully selected resins and premium essential oils.
  • 6 droplets / pack
  • low-smoke burn
  • all-natural
INCENSE MINI-PACK - sampler set of aromas
6x incense aromas

60 mins burn / 6 droplets

10 mins burn time/ droplet

Sustainable + eco-friendly

All ripple⁺ droplets + components of packaging are 100% biodegradable.

Our lavish ripple⁺ packaging is completely reusable and can be recycled, we’re on saving the planet.

The ingredients we use in our formulations are fully traceable, and we give complete transparency on their origins.

fruity & floral ingredients made to evoke memory + set desired mood

low smoke emitted gradually for a persistent aroma

fragrances to purify your space