There’s no doubt celebrities can make smoking look glamorous and desirable. 

There is a strong link between movies and smoking. For some shows, smoking is integral to their characters. 

Historically, smoking was a symbol of sophistication and sexual allure. There are plenty of iconic images that romanticise smoking. Picture Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

But not all that glitters is gold. Smoking can seriously damage your health, wellbeing and bank balance. 

Smoking is still considered a common habit and celebrities are not immune to the lure of a nicotine hit. 

More recently, researchers have discovered that online streaming services - think Netflix - include more tobacco-related content than US television or cable. 

The popularity of streaming and our tendency to binge-watch shows makes exposure to smoking unavoidable. Stranger Things and The Walking Dead are prime examples. 

Why do celebrities smoke?

Celebrities can get drawn into smoking as a result of their stardom. Hanging out with other celeb smokers can make the act of smoking seem alluring and desirable. 

That’s right, fame doesn’t make you immune to peer pressure.

Additional pressures of living life in the limelight can encourage stars to smoke for stress relief. But, whatever the reason, celebrities smoking can be damaging for their fans.

What are the dangers of celebrities smoking?

Celebrities lighting up a cigarette or sharing images of smoking influence their audience. Teens who look up to them are encouraged to emulate their behaviour. 

There’s no harm in embracing the YOLO lifestyle, but when it comes to smoking, the dangers and negative aspects are rarely discussed. 

And when fans start copying they run the risk of getting addicted. It’s worth remembering that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances and has been compared with heroin and cocaine. 


The nicotine high is intense but only short-lived. Repeating this dose with the next cigarette can quickly lead to addiction over time. Once the habit is taken up, it is a difficult one to drop. 

How do celebrities quit smoking?

The quitting smoking journey is just as difficult for celebrities as it is for those of us who aren’t famous. Plus there’s the added pressure of social events and public appearances to juggle. 


Celebs are still subject to the same cravings, withdrawal symptoms and triggers. But some celebrities have committed to quitting nicotine and living the smoke free life.


How have celebs been able to kick the habit? Let’s take a look at some methods that made the smoke-free dream a reality.


The addiction to smoking is strongly rooted in our subconscious. Hypnotherapy can access this part of our mind and tackle the issue from a deeper level. 

A lot of our thinking is subconscious so we are unaware of it. A hypnotherapist speaks directly to the subconscious helping remove negative thinking patterns that influence our behaviour.

Pregnancy or parenting

Preparing for the arrival of a little one is a great motivator for some stars. Nicotine is damaging for the developing baby so it’s best to kick the habit to support their growth.  

Parenting inspires some celebs to quit and be better role models to their kids. Under the spotlight, they are also role models to millions. Realising this can inspire some stars to give up smoking.

Health kick

There’s no doubt that smoking can damage health. For celebrities living in the public eye, looking good is a top priority.


Deciding to go on a health kick supports some celebs with stubbing out for good. Some stars take up yoga or meditation which supports their quitting journey.

Cold turkey

Not the most popular of methods, and certainly one of the hardest, this is how Lady Gaga gave up. She testifies to the fact that it was one of the most difficult challenges she faced. 

Celebrities live in a whirlwind of constant events, parties and public appearances. They are under pressure from fans as well as the press. This makes quitting cold turkey much harder. 


Which celebrities quit smoking?

Here’s our run-down of some stars who have quit smoking and now live nicotine-free.

Lady Gaga

One of the few stars to take the most difficult route. Singer and entertainer Lady Gaga quit cold turkey and has never looked back. 


She previously chain-smoked up to 40 cigarettes a day. She described quitting as a brutal journey but with strong will-power, she achieved the smoke-free dream.

Jennifer Aniston

Film and TV star Jennifer Aniston was a chain smoker for many years. Her habit reportedly caused conflict with her movie star husband Brad Pitt. 


She took up e-cigarettes and started practicing yoga. Adopting a healthy lifestyle helped relax her body and calm her mind. This reduced her desire for smoking and broke the addiction. 


The singer, Adele, smoked up to 25 cigarettes a day. Following surgery on her vocal cords, she knew that she couldn’t carry on smoking, risking her health and career. 


The inspiration of her doctors as well as her young son, gave Adele the courage to give up her nicotine habit.


Matt Damon

Hollywood actor Matt Damon was a heavy smoker for 16 years. The actor decided to quit using hypnosis and has celebrated his choice ever since.


After only three sessions, his cravings disappeared and believes it was the best decision he made. He now tries to encourage other stars to turn to hypnotism to stop smoking.


Alexa Chung

The model and fashionista Alexa Chung, revealed she managed to give up with the help of a quit smoking app The 5 Best Apps to Quit Smoking in 2022 | Psych Central


She shared her quit journey with followers on Instagram. This helped create a community of support through the difficulties of giving up. 


Barack Obama

The former president took up smoking as a teen. He spent many years battling to escape from his addiction.

He succeeded by chewing nicotine gum to keep cravings in check. With the support of his family, he kicked the habit and lives life nicotine free. 


Gisele Bundchen

The model lifestyle is associated with smoking. Nicotine is used as an appetite suppressant to help maintain a slim figure. 


Gisele Bundchen was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day but managed to quit. She believes that yoga and meditation helped support her by changing her mindset. 

Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress Gwyneth Paltrow smoked profusely through her teenage years. She struggled to quit but was eventually forced by her pregnancy. 


Parenthood can be a great motivator for stars and she now lives a smoke-free life.


 Smoking is a difficult habit to kick. But take some inspiration from these celebrities and the smoke-free life could be yours.