You have probably come across the term aromatherapy before. But whilst many people will have heard the word used they won’t know what it is and more importantly what benefits it can bring. 

So let’s take a look at ...

What is aromatherapy?

In short, aromatherapy is a type of healing treatment which uses plant extracts. 

As you might have guessed, aromatherapy is all about strong scents. This is why strong scenting medicinal oils are often used for various types of aromatherapy treatment such as candles, shower gels, clay masks and essential oils for skin. 

Aromatherapy can be many different things. But other than providing a nice smell, what are the tangible benefits.

Mental health 

In terms of emotional well being, aromatherapy is starting to be used to help people with some serious issues. According to a prominent wellness resource,, the uses of oils such as lavender and chamomile have been used for individuals suffering with problems such as depression. 

Whilst other forms of therapy are required to tackle complex mental health issues, it’s clear that aromatherapy is proving to be very complementary. Many people are turning to this type of treatment because it’s natural and doesn’t have the sort of side effects that might occur through taking prescription medication. 

One reason for this is because many types of aromatherapy,  in particular essential oils, are very high in something known as antioxidants. This is known to be particularly good at relieving stress and fatigue. 

As should now be clear, aromatherapy is incredibly useful for helping calm down the mind. But what about the ..

Physical benefits 

Fortunately, aromatherapy is also great for aiding with physical issues as well. So what exactly can it help with?  Well, firstly it is now often used to help deal with aches and pains as it can really help relax overworked muscles - which is great if you’re training hard for a sports event.

But that’s not all, because it can also ease sinus congestion and even help boost your immune system from bacteria and fungus. 

There is also the possibility (although unproven) that aromatherapy can help deal with arthritis, inflammation and even help quicken the healing process - pretty impressive stuff. According to Cancer Research UK because many essential oils used in aromatherapy are stimulants this increases oxygen and can even help fight off infection.

Whilst not all of this is totally clear, what is obvious is that aromatherapy treatment offers unparalleled benefits that go way beyond a nice scent in a candle lit room.

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