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What is ripple+?
Ripple+ is a nicotine-free portable aromatherapy diffuser, delivering the benefits of natural botanical blends. From our rechargeable device giving you endless hours of plant-powered goodness, to our single-use formulas, our diffusers are a gateway to a plant-powered utopia.
How long does ripple+ last?
Our POD device is infinitely rechargeable, with a full 8 hours of battery life and an ultra-fast USB-c charging system. Our OG ripples are carefully calculated to ensure you get plenty of use out of your devices.
How is ripple+ made?
Our formulas come from state-of-the-art labs in California and are created with the highest quality botanical blends. The combinations of plant extracts and natural aromas are expertly blended to elevate your senses. Our formulas are organic, vegan-friendly and Kosher/ Halal.
How does it work?
Ripple+ diffusers are expertly designed to heat our signature botanical blends to the optimal temperature, turning them into vapour. This is then absorbed by your body, bringing in heaps of holistic benefits associated with the ingredients of each formulation.
Is ripple+ environmentally friendly?
Yes! We’re fully committed to being as kind to the planet as possible, keeping our environmental impact to a minimum. The ripple+ POD system is infinitely rechargeable, which leads to a waste-less experience. The blister packs + POD refills are 100% recyclable. For our OG devices, we offer a free recycling program, allowing you to send us back your finished ripples and even unlock 10% off your next order.