Is Ripple an e-cigarette?

No! Your Ripple contains absolutely zero nicotine, diacetyl, or any artificial flavourings. We’re very proud of that.

Our custom blends have an organic vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol base and consist only of plant extracts and natural aromas.

Who can purchase Ripple?

Although there is no age requirement, we recommend users are 18 years and up.

We recommend users with: asthma, allergies to our listed ingredients and pregnant or nursing women do not purchase Ripple.

How do I use my Ripple?

Unbox your device and remove protective caps

Breathe in through your mouth for 3 seconds


We recommend 10-20 puffs per day for maximum benefit

How does my Ripple device work?

Your Ripple device heats our signature botanical blends turning them to vapour, they’re then absorbed through the body via inhalation.

Do I need to charge my Ripple?

No. The battery is designed to deliver 500 puffs (please note all customers inhale differently so this can be changeable).

After your Ripple is finished, you can recycle it in one of our Ripple recycling boxes at a supporting retailer or return it using our online recycling program.

Where are your formulas sourced?

Each of our custom botanical blends is formulated in state-of-the-art labs based in the U.K.

We ensure all our ingredients are non-GMO, free of harmful pesticides, and purely natural.

How do I store my Ripple?

We recommend you keep your Ripple device in a cool, dry place to ensure maximum performance.

Best used within 6 months of purchase.

How will I know my Ripple device is finished?

You’ll know your Ripple has run out juice when the white light at the end of your device starts flashing or there is no more vapour being produced.

What happens if I have a faulty Ripple device?

If you think your device might be faulty, contact us via email at Our customer service team will be happy to help.

How do you ensure quality control?

Keeping quality high exists at every step of our production process. We don’t just check the finished product—quality is integral to everything we do.