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RIPPLE RELAX: Breakdown & Benefits

As all of you who have tried it know, our relax diffuser, with its combination of jasmine aroma, chamomile flower and soothing lemon balm, helps you naturally unwind and chill out. 

As knowing what goes into your body is key for living a healthy lifestyle, we at Ripple thought we’d go into a bit more detail at what makes relax the antidote to 2021!

Relax’s Jasmine Aroma

Though its ancient origins lie in China and India, the Jasmine flower can be currently found in tropical climates around the globe. In India, Jasmine is connected to Hindu practice, whilst in China it was used to clear rooms that had been full of sick people from the pollutants that were thought to have remained. It is incredible to think that this was done well before any of the antibacterial properties of Jasmine were proven! 

Its sweetness has ensured its desirability across time and space. Studies have shown that Jasmine can strongly uplift people’s moods! It does so by transmitting messages straight to the limbic region of the brain (which controls emotions). It is no wonder why Jasmine is one of the leading natural and holistic solutions to a variety of mental health issues, from stress and anxiety, to fatigue and depression. 

Next time you are stressed out and sick of being told to take a deep breath, try taking one from your relax ripple!


jasmine, chamomile and lemon balm in ripple RELAX aromatherapy diffuser illustration


Relax’s Chamomile Extract

Chamomile’s history is a long and impressive one. It has been consumed for centuries as a way of treating a bevy of health issues from digestive disorders to cancer. Its ability to deal with so many different health concerns did not go unnoticed by people throughout history. Germans referred to chamomile as alles zutraut, translating as “capable of anything”. Recently, the medical writer, Jonathan Jarry described chamomile as the “medical duct tape” of the past due to its use in healing so many different types of ailment.

Best known in its tea form, chamomile helps millions of people around the world deal with their insomnia and get to sleep due to its GABA receptors which have a sedative effect. It is this effect that makes chamomile so helpful in dealing with anxiety. There are numerous studies that bolster this assessment. As Very Well Health reports, “a 2016 study found that taking 500 milligrams of chamomile extract three times a day for 12 weeks significantly reduced moderate-to-severe symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, one of the most common anxiety disorders”.

Now more than ever, we should take care of ourselves and ensure that we stay as much on top of our mental health as we do with our physical. As those in history clearly knew, Chamomile can allow us to look after both at once. 

Relax’s Lemon Balm

For its subtle and familiar taste, lemon balm is a fan favourite when it comes to flavouring. However, due to its low yields, lemon balm can be incredibly expensive to obtain. This is compounded by the fact that it is in such high demand for its natural properties which are used in many different herbal remedies. Like chamomile and jasmine, lemon balm is used to treat a numerous mental and physical conditions.  For example, in traditional medicines, lemon balm was used as both a sleep aid and a digestive tonic.

Lemon balm’s most potent effect is to greatly reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Consuming even relatively small amounts can have an outsized effect. Australian researchers found that putting in water a mere “0.3 grams of lemon balm extract significantly reduced stress and improved mood in a group of healthy young adults compared to a placebo”. Better yet, the effects were, in general, felt after only one to three hours. 

Relax – Let Ripple do the work

Relaxing is never easy in the best of times and this year has only made things more stressful. With quarantine and lockdowns, all our minds are increasingly unsettled. 

We all know the worst thing to do to someone who is stressed is to simply tell them to relax. At ripple we want to give you something that will help you relax. So, when you’re ready you know we’ll be here

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