Addiction and Anxiety: The Vicious Cycle of Nicotine

Addiction & Anxiety go hand in hand. 

Is anxiety the cause of your nicotine addiction or is addiction the cause of your anxiety? This is something that we’ve been pondering over for a while at ripple, to try and understand where in this vicious circle of dependence is the best spot to intervene and ultimately f*** nicotine. 

Anxiety can be caused by a number of factors, it can cause fear and a feeling of unease at multiple levels. For some, it could be a small issue that doesn’t affect their day to day lives whereas for some it could have adverse effects and make it difficult to even get through the day. 

However, one of the biggest causes of anxiety is seen as a cure for anxiety. NICOTINE. 

One of the biggest factors of anxiety is something people believe to work as a cure for anxiety, it is NICOTINE. 

Nicotine is world-renowned for being the best cure for anxiety, we’re here today to sadly burst the bubble and let the truth out! The consumption of nicotine according to GM Health Club releases dopamine, a chemical in your brain that creates feelings of pleasure, making you feel a sense of immediate relaxation just after a few puffs which furthermore brings down anxiety.  

Wait, if that’s true then how does nicotine cause anxiety?

Once your body gets a taste of that sweet dopamine-releasing chemical we call nicotine it’s waiting for more and more and more. Much like the cookie monster, our body can never have enough, which is why when we abstain from giving in and consuming nicotine we start to feel irritable and anxious. This again leads us to consuming nicotine and feeling relaxed and with an improved mood. Because of this, we attribute the anti-anxiety feeling to nicotine when really the lack of nicotine is what is causing your anxiety and irritation.  

This led us to realise that nicotine is not a cure for anxiety but rather a vicious cycle of delaying with anxiety while at the same time harming your body. 

The best place to intervene would be to never consume nicotine with the goal of curbing your anxiety. However, there are many people who cannot go back to this stage. For them, the hard truth is simply that nicotine must be removed from your system by detox. 

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Ripple diffusers release aromatic fragrances which are known to reduce stress levels and create a sense of calm, very similar to the feeling one experiences when they walk into a spa. WHAT WE HAVE HEARD FROM OUR CUSTOMERS IS THAT the act of smoking a ripple diffuser satisfies the oral fixation created by smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes without nicotine. 

We know that it’s not an easy road to a nicotine-free life, but we encourage people to deal with anxiety in other ways and for those already on the nicotine drip we hope that ripple makes the switch just a little bit easier.  

F*** Nicotine